"Behind the Lens"

Hey, I’m Andrew Apperley - software developer by trade, and amateur film photographer by obsession. Currently based near Toronto, ON, I started shooting film in 2018 as an escape from my computer screen, and I’ve been hooked on the creative pursuit ever since.

Let me answer a few questions so you can get to know me better and get a glimpse for why I'm passionate about Photography.

Q: How did you first discover your passion for photography?

Although I’ve had a camera around for most of my life, I never really took it seriously until highschool when I was tasked with constructing a pinhole camera, and thus, the ins and outs of a darkroom. Then, in college, my dad bought me a Nikon D5100 to help with producing videos and stock photography for the websites I was building. It was in college that I really found a passion for photography, while walking through the arboretum on campus.

Lady pulling girl in sled during winter stroll

Q: What do you enjoy most about shooting film?

Film is finite in the same way that aspects of nature are; and that resonates with me, as I tend to primarily photograph nature. It’s also tangible. I get to touch my artwork, as it’s processed, in the same way that someone might prefer writing letters on physical pieces of paper, and I own the process end-to-end, if I choose.

Pink flower blossom

Q: What are some of your favorite film stocks?

When I first started shooting film, Fujifilm Superia 400/800 was my go-to for its versatility in all lighting situations, and the nostalgic feel of its fine-grain detail. Then there’s Fujifilm Pro 400H, which is what I love about Superia, but enhanced in all the right ways. It captures skin tones beautifully, and retains shadow detail in most situations. Overall, the greens and blues of Fujifilm are the tones that I love capturing.

Man looking out on the Ottawa river during golden hour

As for black and white film stock, I prefer Ilford HP5 for the classic quality of its subtle tones and sharp contrast, as well as Ilford Delta 3200 for projects that take place in extremely low light. You can push these films a long way, and still produce great images.

Baby being goofy

Q: What inspires me most when it comes to my photography?

Nature is my first inspiration; nostalgia is my second. I feel most comfortable with my photography when I’m exploring the outdoors, discovering new landscapes, or developing a greater appreciation for places I’ve been before. When other people are involved, my goal is to capture meaningful memories, like my daughter laughing, or my parents holding their granddaughter. Ultimately, the goal is to slow down and appreciate my surroundings.

Maple Leaf Lake at night


Please don’t hesitate to ask any question regarding the prints, shipping, or if you simply want to say hello.